5 Days Bali Como Shambhala Wellness

Bali is an island paradise, with pristine beaches, luxurious and stylish resorts, and excellent cuisine. Most of all, Bali’s deeply traditional culture—a blend of Buddhist, Hindu, Javanese, and indigenous beliefs—adds color and spirit to any stay in Bali. From the scent of flower offerings, to the local ceremonies and festivals taking place daily throughout the island, travelers can’t help but feel immersed in the local ways and the gentle nature of the Balinese people. Several days on the nearby island of Lombok, or in Yogyakarta—the artistic, intellectual, and cultural capital of Java—are also highly recommended in conjunction with Bali.


Experiences and Activities:

The estate is located near Ubud with residential experts and offer guests a range of holistic treatments to choose from.

Be Active: This inspiring program is designed to get you back on track and back in shape, motivating you to move, learn and enjoy a new sense of fitness and good health.

Cleansing: This powerful but safe detox program allows you to cleanse your body of toxins.

Rejuvenate: It combines the beneficial effects of beauty and spa treatments with healthy eating and positive thinking to help you reclaim your youth.

Ayurvedic: An ancient Healing Science for body and mind, Ayurvedic addresses specific conditions with focused prescriptions.

Oriental Medicine: promotes health and wellness by balancing the physical, emotional and energy systems of the body, to relieve stress, prevent and treat a range of illness to restore a sense of optimal wellbeing.

Stress Management: Designed for those who feel the need to make positive lifestyle changes to combat the pressures of the busy modern world.

About Como Shambhala

COMO Shambhala Estate is a retreat for change, a residential health retreat where guests are immersed in a positive, holistic, healing experience. Every aspect of the Estate answers to this greater purpose – the design, facilities, staff, treatment, cuisine, accommodation, community, and the way guests enjoy Bali with various physical and cultural activities. The sensibility is nurturing, professional and private, staff providing inspiration and support at every stage. The Estate is somewhere people come to work through issues, to discover their personal potential and face new challenges

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