HOW to apply VietNam Visa on Arrival ?

1. What is Visa on Arrival?

Visa on Arrival or VOA is the best method to apply for your visa to Vietnam (arrive Vietnam by planes or some land borders).

2. Do I need Vietnam Visa?

Vietnam Visa requirements change from one country to another. Actually, there are some countries whose citizens do not need visa for entering Vietnam for a specific period of time. Check it below:

(*) Citizens of these countries allowed to stay in Vietnam less than 15 days without visa will have to wait 30 days (if they enter Vietnam with the exemption) after the first visit to enter again in Vietnam with the exemption.

If you are not from any of these countries, please check details below information

3. How to apply Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

There are two options for getting your Visa to Vietnam:

-Vietnam Embassy/Consulate: Get your visa contacting the Vietnam’s Embassy in your country during business hours to apply for your Visa. This way to get your visa could be slow, complicated and without assistance.

-Visa on Arrival: The VOA is the best method to apply for your visa to Vietnam (only for plane arrivals). There are 2 different kinds of fees for Visa on arrival: Visa Approval letter Fee and Visa Stamping Fee.

Steps to apply for Visa Approval letter:

  • Get started by apply Visa Approval Letter via email.

-Send us copy passport with the exact details of your full name, gender, birthday, nationality, passport number and passport expiry date, as well as your arrival date. Send those information via email? Email us at: leisure [at] for a prompt response

  • Make secure payment via our bank account here

  • Get your approval letter with-in 7 workings days by email

  • Get Visa Approval Letter and prepare for getting Visa stamped on arrival.

-Receive a Visa Approval Letter via email from us (attached with For Entry And Exit - Application Form).

-Print out the Letter and the Application Form.

-Fill out the Application Form.

-Prepare 2 passport sized photos (4x6) and an amount of USD for stamping fee (U.S.$25 for a one month (30 day) or 3 month (87 day) single entry visa, U.S. $45 for a less than 30 day multi-entry).

-Put all above mentioned things along with your passport in a package, then show them to Immigration Officers at Vietnam arrival airports.


* Visa Fee: pay to us via our bank account

* Stamp Fee: pay immigration officers directly and in cash at the airport